‘December 6’ Is Set As The Deadline For The White House To Confirm Their Participation In Impeachment Proceedings Against Trump

In the ongoing impeachment proceedings going against U.S.A’s President Donald Trump, the House Judiciary Committee has set a deadline of ‘DECEMBER 6’ for President Donald Trump to decide for the last time whether his attorneys will participate in the committee’s impeachment proceedings against him.

The Chairman of the House Judiciary, Jerry Nadler who is also a New York Democrat sent Trump a letter on Friday with the new date asking the president’s counsels plans to request witnesses or take part in the proceedings.

The letter that was sent to the President along with a separate letter sent to Judiciary Committee ranking Republican Doug Collins of Georgia, was very technical and referred to the rules that were established by the House’s impeachment resolution earlier last month.

Source: Fox News

The letter has already turned the hourglass for the White House to decide on the matter whether it will take part in the House’s impeachment proceedings to which Trump and congressional Republicans have claimed unfair.

No final decision has been made from the White House yet, but according to the sources, the White House would not send an attorney to the first judiciary hearing next week.

Various sources have informed that Trump and his team are debating and considering the merits internally of how to respond to the request, whether it would be “worth it” or not.

The Judiciary Committee’s first hearing on Wednesday which was based on “Constitutional Grounds for Presidential Impeachment” is expected to kick off a furious month of activity in the House. The Judiciary panel is also expected to hold recurring public hearings and then consider articles of impeachment.

As per the House-passed rules, the President’s counsel can participate in the impeachment hearings in the Judiciary Committee. The rules state that the President and his counsel are invited to attend committee presentations of their evidence, raise objections, request witnesses, ask questions and make a concluding presentation.

Democrats, in the House Intelligence Committee, blocked a number of requested subpoenas, which included the ones related to Vice President, Joe Bidden’s son Hunter and a whistleblower.

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