South Dakota Plane Crash: 9 Killed and 3 Injured, Details Inside

In a tragic and terrifying case of South Dakota, a dangerous plane took lives to 9 people including 2 innocent children and the pilot and left three people injured with multiple injuries.

It has been informed that twelve people were aboard the plane ‘Pilatus PC-12’ when it crashed shortly after it took off on Saturday afternoon en route from Chamberlain to Idaho Falls, Idaho

The three survivors who were injured in the fatal crash were taken to Sioux Falls, S.D., which is about 130 miles fsr from the place on the incident, as informed by Brule County State’s Attorney Theresa Maule Rossow in Brule County Sheriff’s Office’s Facebook page.

 Pilatus PC-12 crash
Source: Metro

The men and women of law enforcement, first responders and medical professionals should be commended in their valorous actions to rescue the victims in the extreme weather conditions,” Rossow said.

According to the information received from various authorities, all the people aboard the plane were from Idaho.

The investigation has already begun by NTSB and they have already sent the investigators on the scene and various factors are being monitored which can tell the accurate reason of the crash which took the lives of nine people.

It has been speculated that a report regarding the incident will be issued by the authorities in a couple of weeks and it will be clear from the report as to what cause this fatal crash.

Talking about the plane, ‘Pilatus PC-12’ is a single-engine turboprop plane and can carry no more than one pilot and 10 passengers

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