ALIEN’s Fossil Discoverer By Rover On Mars, Details Inside

Aliens are something that is only used for creating interesting and engaging content for movies because, in reality, none of the agencies has provided us with the proof with which we can say that aliens do exist in real life.

But, the long lost mystery might have been solved by the experts of NASA.

The experts have claimed to have spotted an alien fossil of a creature on Mars in one of NASA’s photos and based on the image provided by the agency, it appears as if the fossil is of a fish-like creature.

SOL 2218
Source: ibtimes.com

The image of the strange object was spotted by Scott Waring for the very first time. According to him, the original image was taken by NASA’s Curiosity rover which has been sent in on Mars to explore the Martian surface.

The photo was taken on Sol 2218, which is equivalent to Nov. 2, 2018, and was achieved using the rover’s left navigation camera.

Upon closer examination at a particular spot,  Scott noted that the object is probably the fossilized remains of an alien creature on Mars.

If you look at it closely, it will seem like fish but one thing cannot be said for sure, whether this fossil was found on the area that is believed to have been filled with water many many years ago or not.

According to Waring, this is not the first time when he has come across a fossil in NASA’s photo.

He said, ” I was looking over Curiosity rover photos and found a fish fossil that the rover arm was examining, I could only find one photo with the fish fossil in it. It is not the only fish fossil I have ever found and reported, but actually the third or fourth over the years.”

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