At The Last Slayer Concert, Tom Araya Bid Goodbye To Fans

Plenty fans of Slayer saw the band’s final concert at The Forum in Inglewood, California on Saturday night (November 30) throughout the second of 2 last tour dates called “The Final Campaign”.

At the end of Slayer’s set, bassist/vocalist Tom Araya approached the crowd, praising the group’s fans for encouraging him and his bandmates for nearly 4 decades.

“Thank you. Thank you very much,” he told. “I need to thank you for giving your time to us. Time is valuable. So I thank you for giving that time to us. Thank you. I’m gonna miss you guys. But the most significant thing I want to thank you for being a part of my life. Thank you. Good night. You guys be safe.”

Slayer’s last world tour started on May 10, 2018, with the band’s aim to play as many places as possible, to make it simple for the fans to see one last Slayer show and tell goodbye. By the moment the 18-month trek wrapped at the Forum, the band had finished 7 tour legs plus a series of one-off major summer festivals, doing more than 140 shows in 30 countries and 40 U.S. states.

Slayer’s final world tour has been a wild ride. 3 bus drivers, 4 truck drivers, and a crew of 32 have traveled all over the world to establish the stage for this farewell.

Araya spoke regarding his possible retirement in a 2016 interview with Loudwire. He stated: “At 35 years, it’s a moment to collect my pension. [Laughs] This is a career move.” He continued: “I’m thankful that we’ve been around for 35 years; that’s a very long time. So, yeah, to me, it is. Because when we started off, everything was excellent, because you’re young and invincible. And then there appeared a time where I became a family man, and I had a hard time flying back and forth.

And now, at this stage, at the level we’re at now, I can do that; I can rush home when I want to, on days off, and spend some time with my family, which is something I wasn’t prepared to do when [my kids] were growing up. Now they’re both older and mature. So now I take benefit of that.” 

Hanneman contracted a flesh-eating disease, in January 2011 from a spider bite in his backyard. The disease destroyed the flesh and tissues of Hanneman‘s arm, leading to many surgeries, skin grafts and extreme periods of rehab that made him into semi-retirement and left him near death at some times.

Hanneman finally died in May 2013 from alcohol-related cirrhosis of the liver. He is recognized for writing many of Slayer’s classic songs, including “Angel Of Death” and “South Of Heaven”.

Original slayer drummer Dave Lombardo was fired from the band after sitting out the group’s Australian tour in February/March 2013 due to a contract conflict with the other members of Slayer. He has since been displaced by Paul Bostaph, who was earlier Slayer’s drummer from 1992 until 2001 and recorded 4 albums with the band.

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