SHOCKING!!! Drunk Woman Seen Harassing Male Commuters In The Train

A woman accused of physically assaulting and harassing male commuters in a train has been arrested by the police officers.

The complete scene was recorded and filmed last night followed by her arrest in which the woman in action has been identified as Zadie O’Connell, 24, from Basildon in Essex.

Her social media accounts revealed that the 24-year-old boasted a month ago of having urinated in a neighbor’s garden and was fined for throwing up in the back of a taxi.

Footage shot last night shows her bullying shocked commuters and telling. Her outburst was recorded by fellow commuters who urged her to stop.

She was detained on suspicion of physical assault and counts of common assault.

John Mason filmed the encounter and said, “I was quietly minding my own business yet this girl was upsetting everyone and at the end of the day you have to take a stand.”

The video shows O’Connell facing a man sat on the train while assaulting him before turning and pointing to another woman and yelling at her.

She was seen putting her arm around the man who was standing up to try to avoid her.

Passengers were also seen trying to calm her down because the kind of scene she was creating was frustrating and irritating for everyone.

She further sticks her face in the camera and was seen yelling to the man who was filming her but even after all this she did not keep her cool and continued yelling.

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