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Why GTA 6 Will Release With Next-Gen Consoles?


Scenario Of GTA 6

GTA 6 is such a headache for its fans as there is no such information regarding the release. Some claim that it will be exclusive for next-gen consoles, not for all but only for PS5. So if it happens then there will be a similar scenario of GTA 5 as the game was only released on consoles but this time Xbox consoles also tend to wait.

Bully 2 Speculations

With the latest release of Red Dead Redemption 2 on PC, it is confirmed that the game will be on their radar soon. But one more reason for the delay of the game is a possible sequel for Bully 2 and it will happen for sure. But the fact is that will Bully 2 release before GTA 6, if that’s the case then it will be a long time to get hands-on new GTA.

Reasons For Delay

GTA 6 could be delayed for various reasons as Rockstar Games just released Red Dead Redemption and doesn’t want to hurry for the next title. Even the speculations and rumors could play a vital role in the delay of the game as it gains more attention even years before its release. So they keep on testing the patience level of the fans which could even be letting them stay in the limelight.

Famous Gamers Verdict

Famous gamers gave their opinion on the game and they confirmed that it won’t arrive until 2 years. So its better to accept the fact that the game couldn’t arrive any sooner. Whereas the next-gen consoles are a concern then there must be something special for the bundle.

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