Indonesian Man Punished In Front Of 100s Of People After Having Physical Relation Before His Marriage

In a very nerve-chilling case of Indonesia, a man was severely beaten in front of 100s of people. The punishment was so cruel, that he fainted after being beaten for having pre-marital intercourse.

Source: thesun.ie

The photos attached themselves show how the 22-year-old was revived by doctors so he could be whipped again after he collapsed even before receiving his 100 lashes.

100s of spectators were yelling at this man while viewing on as a cleric who is seen wearing a mask.

The cleric was holding a wooden stick with which he punished the man and whipped him in front of the crowd.

The reason for which the man was being punished was that he was found guilty of having intercourse before his marriage.

Many people were looking at the scene and one of them commented, “This is the consequence they have to face for violating the law.”

The region where this act was committed is the only part of Indonesia that completely follows sharia law.

On July, 3 more people were whipped 100 times for having intercourse before their marriage.

Offenders who commit milder offenses are punished with dozens of strokes.

According to the information received from the sources, Aceh officials have even declared that even the poachers who threaten orangutans or tigers will also be beaten for 100 times.

Source: thesun.ie

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