NASA Researchers Warns Of New Massive Killer Asteroid That Will Surely Hit Earth

The European Space Agency (ESA) and NASA have discovered a large asteroid that’s able of producing over 20 potential influences on Earth beginning within the next years. According to the companies, the asteroid is bigger than the Empire State constructed building.

The deadly asteroid has been recognized as 2019 WW4. It is the most advanced addition to the ESA’s Risk List, which records all known hazardous asteroids that have non-zero impact possibilities. This indicates that all the asteroids highlighted in this program have chances of creating an impact event on Earth.

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Source: nbcnews.com

According to the information and data gathered by the ESA, 2019 WW4 has an expected diameter of 1,312 feet its the massive one. The agency prophesied that if the huge asteroid clashes with Earth, it might do so with an influence velocity of over 32,000 miles per hour.

2019 WW4 is listed as an Apollo asteroid. Like the different Apollos, 2019 WW4 supports a wide orbit inside the Solar System. Hardly, the asteroid’s orbit intersects with that of Earth as the planet moves around the Sun.

Aside from the ESA, NASA’s asteroid collision monitoring system Sentry is also pursuing 2019 WW4. According to the information received by Sentry, the space rock is in danger of creating 26 potential impact situations on Earth.

In related studies and information given by the ESA, the agency recorded that these influence effects could occur between 2036 and 2116. During this period, the asteroid’s highest chance of hitting with Earth could take place on Aug. 25, 2044.

2019 WW4’s possible Earth results can be assigned to a kind of factor. One of these is the asteroid’s actual Earth-crossing orbit. The gravitational pull of massive objects in space such as planets could further influence the trajectory of the space rock and send it on a crash course with the planet.

If the massive space rock clashes with the Earth, its huge size and speed assures that a significant influence situation would occur. Since the space rock is big enough, the amount of energy that would be delivered from its influence would be strong enough to effectively destroy a big city as well as its nearby areas.

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