A Girl Was Molested For Several Times By A Cruise Worker

A 13 year old girl informed her mother that she was physically assaulted by a cruise worker, 53, at her home. What came to our shock was that the girl informed me that she had been molested more than 100 times.

The girl further gave a shocking information that the assault began when she was 10 years old. The cruise worker also clicked pictures of the girl so that he could travel with it on the ship.

The worker was so smart in order to hide the photos so that it doesn’t come to the knowledge of the others, the worker used an application which converted the pictures looking like a calculator.

Source: The Digital Wise

The accused had been arrested under various charges by the Police on account of physical misconduct of a little girl. He had been arrested under a Non-Bailable offense.

The condition of the little girl could not be imagined.

A number of complaints related to molestation of minors as well of girls are spreading across the glove-like fire and no satisfying solution to this problem has been identified by the authorities yet.

The criminals often find ways to get themselves out of this situation after committing heinous crimes.

Authorities will do whatever they have to, it is us primarily who have to look after ourselves. It is a humble request to each and every one of you reading this article, kidly take necessary precautions before going in a lonely place or place covered in dark.

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