Elderly Couple Discovered Dead Under Snow After Severe Snowstorm

In a very shocking and terrifying case, a couple is considered to be in their 70s were found dead this week after a heavy and severe winter storm in Arizona.

According to the information received from the authorities, the dead bodies of the couple were found deep buried inside the snow.

It has even been said that nothing intentional was done by anyone that led to their death. They died from extreme weather conditions and from exposure to the environment.

A police officer committed, Further updates are pending the medical examiner’s report.”

After a thorough investigation, the couple has been identified as Elizabeth Alexander,79, and Richard Alexander,74.

According to the information received from the sources, it took so much time to discover their bodies as their bodies kept hidden because of a heavy layer of snow.

Residents of Ash Fork reported that they were the first ones who noticed the dead bodies while they were leaving their house on Friday and they were the ones who called the authorities after they realized that the couple had died.

The investigators involved in the scene reported that the elderly couple’s car got stuck in a heavy storm where that complete area was hit with more than 8 inches thick snow.

According to the information received from various authorities, an official from National Weather Service informed that they do not have a weather reporting station near the rural town that was hit by 12 inches of snow.

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