Woman Accused Of Killing Her Ex-Girlfriend’s Boyfriend

A man was found severely injured at his home in the morning along with his girlfriend. He suffered severe head injuries and was bleeding.

They were also found in an unconscious state and were bleeding profusely. They were soon rushed to the hospital where the boy took his last breath.

The accused, Grissel Gonzaga, a 29 year old woman was found guilty and held in charge of the murder of the boy. It came out that the accused happened to be the ex-girlfriend of the girl who was found severely injured along with her boyfriend.

The accused said that she went into their house with the purpose of killing the two. What gave her more confidence was that she saw the couple fighting.

She entered into their room and started to fight and hence attacked the two of them and ran away.

The woman had been sent behind the bars on account of clear evident murder. The Las Vegas police informed that she had been sent to a Detention Centre.

The number of crimes out of aggression is increasing at an alarming rate ad nothing major has been done in order to reduce the crime rate. The only possible solution to these crimes is that everyone must walk with complete attention and should not provoke anyone.

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