Cruel Father Tortured And Attacked 4-Month-Old Baby Because He Was Crying Loudly

A dad from Modesto tortured and attacked his infant baby as he was baffled with the child’s sobbing. On 6th December, the father was condemned to jail for 6 years on charges of child abuse. However, it is not discharged if the father is mentally disturbed but it would reveal his cruel acts on his infant son.

Elijah James Mason was condemned to state jail for 6 years, at the Stanislaus County District Attorney’s Office.

The 23-year-old confessed to attacking the child in a burst of anger, as the child won’t quit yelling. Although the father suffered throughout his trial and denied to confess to his offenses and was not ready to admit the results of his acts.

The conflict came into light when the four-months-old child was taken to Memorial Medical Hospital with a fractured arm. The staff assumed domestic violence and instantly notified the police to lead a full examination in a child’s home.

Later on, the father, Elijah, was captured and delivered to the DA’s office where he was able to claim against his allegations on him but finally confessed of cracking his child’s hand brutally.

Presently he is a prison and no records and information have been presented in concerns to the administration and care of the four-month-old baby.

Incidents of family disturbance and violence, as well as child abuse, have escalated dramatically over the last 5 years. Just newly a 35-year-old man, Dinesh Yadav from Delhi, murdered his two sons and committed suicide after he proceeded to perceive that his wife fled with someone else. Another incident included a stepfather molesting his step-daughter for 4 years, was condemned to 10 years of jail.

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