Father Accused Of Molesting His 2 Minor Daughters

Cases of molestation, physical assault, and child abuse are increasing day by day. There is not a single day when we have not heard a single news related to it. One such shocking and shameful case of molestation came from Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

This is not the usual case of molestation by a stranger or an outside person. This shameful act had been done by a man who is the father of two daughters. A 48 year old father had molested both his daughters who were minor in his own house.

The shameful act was not committed by him once but multiple times whenever the accused wife went out for work.

The man went inside his daughter’s room and started molesting them one by one. He committed such a brutal act once every month. The man had no shame that they were his daughters who had blind faith in him.

It has been six years that the two little girls were facing such a painful experience.

The accused had been sent to a jail where he confessed everything. He even said that after his wife’s death, he did not stop but rather got a clear opportunity to assault his daughters.

The court had kept the accused under remand under the molestation charges.

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