NASA’s MAVEN Probe Depicts The Wind Pattern Of Mar’s Upper Atmosphere

Winds circulate from dayside to night right high above the surface of Mars and the air flows as it passes through the valleys of mountains of the red planet.

According to the information received from the sources, NASA’s MAVEN spacecraft has provided the maps of the winds if the atmosphere of Mars.

The data present in the maps was released on December 13 and it could help researchers to understand how the Mar’s climate has evolved over time by understanding its atmosphere.

The movement of the wind in Mars’ thermosphere is much simpler than on Earth as a single current flow continues from season to season, constantly driving air from the planet’s dayside to its nightside.

Source: Universe Today

The spacecraft arrived at Mars in 2014 and recorded waves in the thermosphere created by winds near the ground turning around mountains and canyons.

An official from the space agency said, “When the spacecraft is hovering over a mountain, we can see the wind changing to support the presence of that mountain 200 kilometers below. MAVEN does not support a camera but we can see a photograph of the topography in the winds.”

In all, the researchers involved in exploring Mar’s atmosphere have tracked winds for one and a half Martian years.

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