Woman Who Was A Victim Of Child Abuse Since Age 4, Accused Three Dallas Area Hotels

Three parent companies of a hotel chain were sued by a woman who had accused the companies of failure to intervene regarding acts of child abuse and molestation committed in their hotels.

The girl, F.M. informed the police officials that she was one of the victims of human trafficking who was brutally molested in the alleged hotels.

The girl also added that it been more than 20 years since she had been forcibly engaged in it since she was 4 years old. Her father, a drug addict, in order to satisfy his thirst, sold his daughter in the world of human trafficking.

A representative from the company gave the following statement,

Hyatt takes the issue of human trafficking very seriously and has taken proactive steps to identify and prevent human trafficking.”

F.M. told the court that she was put in a dog cage after being molested along with other minors. She was also beaten up and punished severely if she failed to make more girls join with her.

The lawsuit stated that the hotel owners knew everything which took place in their hotels and had allowed the persons involved in brutal acts to commit the same.

The victim had requested for monetary compensation from the accused in respect of the mental stress, medicinal expenditure which she had faced during those years.

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