A 243 Ft. Asteroid Will Have A Near Collision With Earth

NASA has yet again detected a huge asteroid that will supposedly approach towards our blue planet on Friday.

According to the information provided by the Center for Near-Earth Object Studies (CNEOS), the asteroid is expected to have an Earth-crossing orbit.

The impending asteroid has been named by the space agency as 2019 XO1. As depicted in the data compiled by CNEOS, this asteroid is speeding towards the Earth at a pace of almost 18,000 miles per hour and has been estimated to 243 feet wide.

Source: Sputnik News

According to CNEOS, 2019 XO1 is formally named as an Aten asteroid which means that it follows an orbit that goes around various celestial bodies in the Solar System such as the  Venus, Sun, Earth, and Mercury.

This asteroid was first seen on December 3.

2019 XO1 advanced towards the blue planet on November 17, 2013, for the last time. During that time, the asteroid cruised past the Earth from a distance of 0.09488 astronomical units that is equivalent to 8.8 million miles.

After its visit this week, the asteroid is not expected to return to Earth’s neighborhood until Dec. 22, 2022, where it will approach Earth from a distance of 0.09534 astronomical units or roughly 8.9 million miles away.

EST. According to the information received from the sources, the near-Earth approach will possibly occur after the space rock will intersect the blue planet’s orbit.

But as per the information received, the asteroid is supposed to approach the planet from a safe distance of 0.03033 astronomical units that are equivalent to 1.9 million miles away.

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