ESA Issues Warning Against An Asteroid That Might Hit Earth The Next Year

The European Space Agency (ESA)has issued a warning that it has identified an asteroid that might hit the Earth in less than a year from now.

It has been expected that in case the asteroid hits the Earth it will have a powerful and massive impact in the atmosphere.

The expected asteroid is known as the 2018 VP and is currently in the ESA Risk List. The list contains the information of all currently known space rocks that supposedly have zero impact possibilities. According to the list and according to the information provided by the sources, 2018 VP1 has been ranked as the second most deadly asteroid.

As per the information provided by the sources, the asteroid is supposedly traveling at a speed of over 32000 mph and it has been estimated that it has a diameter of about 8 feet.

NASA has also been observing the asteroid soon after it was discovered by Sentry, which is the agency’s automated system.

Source: The Independent

Both NASA and the ESA have both prognosticated that 2018 VP1 has the possibility of colliding with Earth on November 2, 2020.
Since the asteroid will progress towards the Earth from a very dangerous distance, there is a very possible chance that factors in space could push it into a direct impact on the planet.
Since the asteroid is not very huge, Earth is not in danger of encountering an impact event in case of a collision.
It has also been expected that the asteroid would explode in the atmosphere before touching the ground.
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