10-Year-Boy, A Cold Blooded Murderer: Is This Possible?

A 10 year old boy Ray was held and accused along with his adult brother under charges of murder. Yes, it is true.

The children have been under trial since then for allegedly killing their step father. But what concerned us was whether a small kid whose entire world is filled with playing, watching television and cartoons and studying knows how to kill a person.

The boy and his brother complained that their step father was abusive and used to beat them and their mother too. And one night they both went to his room and stabbed him multiple times, around 60 times as per the information given by the accused.

The poor kid even told the officials that he was totally clueless about what happened with blood and knife in his hand after confessing his wrongdoings.

The step father was beheaded too by the accused. The big brother, being an adult faced the normal trial for murder, but the small kid too was proceeded with the same trial. The court said that the age doesn’t matter but the act done by the person.

The incident took place in England where the law is that child aged from 10 years onwards will be held responsible and held for criminal charges just like an adult.

The incident came to the limelight more after a web series was recreated of the same.

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