18-Year-Old Boy Of A Rich Farmer Is Accused Of Murdering A 15-Year-Old Boy

A 15 year old school boy’s dead body was found in a field in Ashley who was the son of a country lane farmer.

The police, hours after recovering the body arrested the accused, a 18 year old boy who is supposed to be the former classmate of the victim.

Matthew Mason, son of a millionaire farmer was held by the police along with a knife which is the supposed murder weapon. However, the reason for killing a school going kid who was younger than him could not be found till now. The police still haven’t found the exact manner of murder.

Parents of the victim, Alex Rodda, were completely broken on hearing the news of their son that he is no more with them.

His mother said, “everyone loved Alex. He was caring and compassionate. Alex was my lovely son but he was innocent.”

His father also said, “Alex was a very kind, caring, loyal and of the most, trusting young boy. He embraced life and made buddies wherever he went. He will be sourly missed.”

The school where Alex studied had the famous Harry Styles as their alumni. They held a prayer meeting and remembered the kid and gave their sympathies to Alex’s family.

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