Girlfriend Murders Her Boyfriend Over His Alleged Affair With Someone Else

Possessiveness is good to some extent but over possessiveness can destroy even a good person’s life. A similar case came out in Astoria where a 50 year old woman murdered her boyfriend, 43, brutally by shooting him two times at a backyard of his house.

The accused, Dawn McIntosh, was leading a happy life with her boyfriend and two children, but her doubtful mind ruined all of the four lives forever.

The mere reason for murdering her lover was that she assumed that her lover had an affair with another girl which was not true. She made up her mind what she said was true and did not hear a single word from her boyfriend.

The police officials told that Dawn even tried to tamper each and every evidence that could go against her. She called up her children not to show any guilt of taking away their father but instead asking them to help her in destroying the body.

She Charred his body brutally so that no sign of him could be found and thrown away the gun somewhere.

The woman murdered her lover fearlessly and mercilessly but when asked by the investigators she lied with full confidence.

However, the officials managed to obtain sufficient evidence against her and she had been sentenced under imprisonment for 24 years.

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