Seeing His Husband Dancing With His Mother, Bride Run Out Of Ceremony

Marriage is the biggest day for both the bride and the groom as they would be entering into a completely new chapter of their lives together.

The bride especially is the one who gets the most excited about everything which will take place at the wedding ceremony.

However, things did not go the exact for a bride who rather ran from her own wedding day in anger. The reason was her feelings which were shaken and pinched down by her groom and mother in law.

There is a wedding ritual that the bride would share a dance with her father while the son would share the dance with her mother.

Since the bride lost her father when she was small, she was very upset that she would not be able to perform the ritual.

Because of this, she requested the groom and his mother not to perform the ritual too by taking into consideration her feelings. Her mother in law a first was hesitant, but later on, agreed for her happiness.

On the wedding day, the thing went exactly the opposite when the groom and his mother started dancing and all of their relatives encouraging them.

The girl burned into fumes and got so angry that she went outside the ceremony in a washroom and cried continuously.

Later on, things were calmed down and the couple is now living happily together.
The act of the bride garnered mix reactions from the guests who were present for the wedding.

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