New Details About Marvel’s What IF…? Finally Revealed!!

In the coming years, Marvel has a lot of shows that are going to air on Disney+ which is Disney’s new streaming channel. One of those shows includes Marvel’s What IF…?. So, let’s break down what we know so far.

Image Source: hindustantimes.com

What IF…? is set to release in Summer 2021, after the Loki series but before Hawkeye series and Thor Love and Thunder. The show will explore the different possibilities which could have played out in the Marvel universe. for eg: in the trailer, we see that it was actually Peggy Carter who was given the serum which made Captain America who he was. In another, we see that there is a Zombie Captain America and Winter Soldier is fighting him. So as the name suggests What If, which this What If this happened and how it could have played out. So, it has been revealed that the first season of What If will contain 10 episodes, and another leak suggests that the second season is already in works.

So, this is what we know so far about What IF…? TV Series by Marvel but as the release date comes closer we shall get more information about it. So, this was the breakdown. Write down in the comments below with your thoughts about the show and what are your expectations about this series.

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