29-Year-Old Teacher Accused Of Sharing Her Lewd Photos With A 15-Year-Old Schoolboy

A 29 year old married woman from Cross Lanes, West Virginia was booked and accused by the court for allegedly molesting a 15 year old school teen where she was a teacher herself.

The woman, Ramsey BethAnn Bearse was an 8th grade science teacher where she held the small boy to satisfy her temptations.

When the accused was caught, she defended herself by saying that she had sent her inappropriate and without clothes photos but it was meant for her husband but accidentally it got sent to the boy.

But later on when the police investigators obtained sufficient evidence against her and after the boy also accepted what had happened with him, Bearse accepted that all of the allegations were true against her.

The boy, Andrew Jackson said he was asked to send his without clothes photos too. Bearse was sure that the boy would not tell anyone ad she continued doing the same.

In the court, she said, “since I am a woman, 29 and he was just a teen, it is my fault and I accept full blame for the situation.”

Bearse had been suspended from the school forever and the court hearing is near I the future where it is expected that she would be sentenced for a period of 20 years.

Bearse had also been titled as Miss Kentucky way back in 2014.

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