Crowd Set Fire A Drunk Motorist’s Car Who Hit Many People During Celebration

A female motorist, Grecia Michelle Valdez Moran was beaten up by the residents and people of Mexico who were present to participate and witness the Christmas festival during the evening.

The motorist was driving the car while she was drunk and took down to the busy road from where the parade was moving.

As soon as the drunk woman took a very sharp turn, she bumped into and took along herself around eight people which included two adults and six schoolchildren who had participated in the parade.

When the viewers saw the horrifying incident, they immediately went to the woman and started beating her.

The wrath of the residents was increasing and they attacked the woman’s car and put it on fire. The victims were taken to the hospital with no severe injuries. The woman even tried to escape but she was surrounded by the angry crowd who threw objects on her.

Finally, the police stepped in and took the accused with them but it is still not known whether the woman had been charged for her actions or not.

The parents of the children got really worried because some of the children had nervous breakdowns and they were immediately treated by the doctors who declared them as stable.

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