Former Firefighter Sentenced To 11 Years For Molesting His Own Daughter And Her Friends

A father of three girls, a former volunteer firefighter had been sentenced by the court for molesting his three daughters in his home who were minor.

The accused was not satisfied by molesting his daughters only but also a friend of the three girls who came to their house for a sleepover.

The accused told that he had molested his daughters for two years and had attempted to molest the friend who came for the sleepover.

The complaint was filed by the principal of the school who received the complaint from a classmate of the girl who was molested by the man. The girl informed about it to the classmate and he went to the principal.

The accused confessed that he used to come in his daughter’s room without clothes and did inappropriate actions before them. He then one by one molested the girls, showed implicit content and asked them to do the same.

The investigators after reaching the victim’s house found videos and photos of the girls without clothes and other inappropriate material along with two rifles.

The court had charged the accused with molestation, physical abuse and attempting to molest the children.

The accused had been sentenced to 11 years behind the bars.

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