Woman Admits To Hitting A 14-Year-Old Girl As She Was Hispanic

A 14 year old little girl was crashed down and hit by a car by a woman from Iowa for the mere reason that the girl was a ‘Hispanic’. The term Hispanic means ‘a person who is from Mexico’.

The woman was in her car when she saw the girl and rushed the car into her. The police official said,

I have been in law enforcement for 35 years and I get very used to people being a little bit callous or maybe leaving the scene of an accident and not caring about someone’s who’s been hurt if they did so unintentionally. I was very shocked to hear that this was an intentional act.”

The victim, Natalia Miranda was playing basketball after which she was crossing the road and but unfortunately was rammed into the car by the woman.

The girl did not suffer major injuries and she gave a statement, “I do not remember the impact, I remember the car running towards me.”

The driver was caught a few hours later by the police with the help of CCTV footage and she was later interviewed too.

She openly confessed without any regrets that she had done so intentionally and had no sympathy that she was just a 14 year old girl.

The woman driver was not jailed for the attack on the girl but for a verbal assault in a convenience store where she used racist language with the employees and later on asked about the Hispanic girl case.

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