Woman Calls Ambulance (999) As She Was Not Able To Find Toilet Paper

There are some dignified ways to handle being held on the loo with no toilet paper in sight. Text a flatmate? Reach for a towel? Use a sleeve? We’ve all been there – and it isn’t for us to hear how you chose to get out of the situation. But one thing that is totally unacceptable is to call 999 for help.

While that might sound clear, this is one of the many ridiculous calls taken by North West Ambulance Service (NWAS) this year. Over one in three calls made to NWAS have been for non-emergency circumstances in 2019. Out of the one million calls made to 999 in the region, 37% were for cases who could potentially have been treated by a GP, pharmacist or at home with a few days’ rests.

In other cases, taking your pride or using common sense was the simple solution to protecting over-stretched ambulance staff some time. NWAS says they have taken calls relating to a stubbed toe, a grown-up with head lice and a patient with a blister, as well as several animal-related calls, including a dog that had been assaulted and a cat that had been run over. They have advised people to think twice about what they phone 999 for, as calls to the operator remain to rise year on year.

Talking about taking these calls, Graham Lawrenson, Emergency Medical Dispatcher at NWAS said: ‘I was on the phone to a lady who had hit a male whilst driving her car, leaving him unconscious. I was bothered about both of them but kept calm, as I needed to give her guidance to help save his life.

But I soon found that ‘he’ was, in fact, a rabbit. ‘The contrast within how this call started and how it finished shows that some people still don’t recognize when to use the 999 emergency service. Sadly, we can’t send NHS ambulances to animals. ‘My plea to people is only to call the ambulance service when someone is seriously sick or injured and you think they could fall, otherwise your call could be blocking the line for a true emergency.’

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