Police Officers Dragged On The Floor By Some Miscreants

The police authorities have released the images of the people who allegedly assaulted the cops.

The pair were on their way to a call when they found a group of chaps brawling outside a bar in Long Street, Middleton.

They halted to help the people but the miscreants attacked them in return.

A male officer was struck in the head and was knocked by the group that left him motionless and the female officer was also struck and was hauled to the floor and then stamped on.

Both the officers were taken to hospital but were later discharged after receiving treatment and are now recuperating at home while the assailants fled away from the scene.

According to the information received from the sources, the police authorities believe a number of men implicated in the disorder had been removed from the ‘Infinity’ nightclub on Long Street.

An officer investigating the case commented on the incident. He said, “We have been continuing our interrogations throughout the day and we are now publishing CCTV pictures of three men we want to speak to in association with this surprising event.”

If you think that you might remember the men portrayed in the photographs then I would request you to please communicate us as a matter of seriousness.

“We are also interested to talk with anyone who has any further news that they consider can support us with our inquiry.”

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