Princess Diana Cried Profusely During Her Honeymoon In Front Of Prince Charles

Prince Charles and Princess Diana coped in diverse ways during their marriage.

In the book “Charles: A Biography,” royal author Anthony Holden reported how the Princess of Wales sobbed profusely during her honeymoon with the Prince of Wales.

The mother of two could not accept how her husband assigned her severe mood swings to her effort of adjusting to her new life as a royal.

And to make things more detrimental, even though Prince Charles could notice that something was incorrect, he pretended bafflement at that particular moment.

Source: The Mirror

Holden stated, “For him, this was ‘a blissful interlude at his favorite home, complete with his books, his fishing rods and his friends’ while his new bride was for some reason ‘unable to surrender herself to his good humor.”

It was also at the time of the royal couple’s honeymoon that Princess Diana looked upon images of Camilla inside her husband’s diary. While matching their records, pictures of the Duchess of Cornwall rippled out of the Duke of Cornwall’s journal.

A few days later, Princess Diana observed a new pair of gold cufflinks with two twisted letters C’s on them. When Prince William and Prince Harry’s mother confronted Prince Charles regarding the gift, he revealed that it was presented to him by Camilla.

But her doubts about Prince Charles and Camilla’s real connection, the late royal remained married to her husband.

In 1995, Princess Diana conversed with Martin Bashir for Panorama, where she revealed surprising details regarding her marriage. After seeing the interview, Queen Elizabeth asked the royal couple to settle their separation.

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