Experts Located Massive Hidden Crater Created By The Huge Meteor That Once Hit Earth

New research carried by a group of researchers, including specialists at the Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, has identified a crater that was left behind by the greatest ever meteorite that hit the earth.

This enormous crater measured 15 kilometers in diameter. It had gone undiscovered for more than a century, as it concealed under a gigantic volcanic territory that is found in Southern Laos.

Experts reported that this deadly crash occurred around 79,000 years ago, and the force has been noted across about 20 percent of the Eastern Hemisphere.

As per the information received from the sources, the scientists and researchers have revealed that the proof of the cavity has now molded into the form of a field of black glassy blobs, also known as tektites.

Source: Voice of America

As per the reports, the crater and the consequences of the most massive known young meteorite collision on Earth have escaped discovery for nearly a century.

The massive crater from which these tektites began has avoided discovery for over a century, although its proof has long guided to a place somewhere within Indochina.

In order to establish the proximity of this large meteorite collision crater beneath a 910 km young volcanic field, the team of researchers and experts carried out a field gravity steps to ascertain whether there was any gravitational aberration.

The lack of long-lived, volcanoes on the Bolaven Plateau signifies the deficiency of an underlying crustal magma reservoir.

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