Mother, 51, Fined $111 For Dropping Off Friend At Gas Station

Terri Akers, 51, filled her car when she dropped her friend off at the gas station – stunned when she got the fine later.

And now she hopes to begin a campaign against the “illegitimate” fines that were issued after realizing that she had only been one person in a string to flag concerns at a gas station next to East Midlands Airport.

Terri Akers said: “When I entered the airport, I had to get fuel, so I decided to get to the $4 parking lot.”

“My friend noticed the garage and suggested that I fill the car there. It seemed to be a sensible thing to do, but my friend remembered that he could leap out easily while I filled up. My sole purpose was not to deter authorities from their $4 car parking fee. What healthy man should believe that his friend is stuck in the seat waiting for fuel when the airport is only a short walk away?”

But Mrs. Akers has not just given up, saying that many people might be the victims of the fines.

Vehicle Control Services Limited reported: “Because of Mrs. Akers’s appeal and the evidence provided, we support her appeal; we will formally affirm our decision to Mrs. Akers.” Passengers traveling to the East Midlands Airport currently have to pay $4 for ten minutes to receive or departing passengers from terminals, and this rises to $2 per minute afterward.

It costs $5 to sit at the Short Sit car park for 30 minutes, and free parking is available for one hour in the Long Stay car parks.

East Midlands Airport said it was strictly forbidden to pick up or drop people at the airport, with sign-up since June.

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