Joaquin Phoenix Tells Joker Movie’s Most Significant Scene Got Cut, Here’s What You Should Know

Joaquin Phoenix has always been known as an actor in the process, who is willing to go so far to find the best performance for his part. Remember a decade ago when he was a symbolic version of himself every time he was seen in public or gave an interview for months and had people who believed he quit, wanted to become a rapper, and seemingly lost his mind, all in the name of funny I’m still here?

This is the kind of devotion that made Phoenix the ideal player in Todd Phillips ‘ Joker, where the 45-year-old once again became his character, and his performance as Arthur Fleck made him instantly one of the leaders for virtually every Best Actor Gong in this awards season.

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A dark, twisted, R-rated psychological drama was the only way you could persuade a talent like Joaquin Phoenix to star in a comic book film, and Joker will now in history’s books be remembered as the biggest R-rated film ever made after a boxing ride that was one billion dollars worldwide.

He had previously talked about the length of time he went to get into Joker’s room, and he made a little more light on the process of working with the director in a recent interview and revealed that a scene he considered to be one of the most relevant in terms of understanding Arthur Fleck’s thought didn’t even cut the film in the final.

Honesty is not the kind of word you are trying to use when discussing someone like the Joker, but it remains interesting to hear Phoenix describe how he left the scene to “act,” and responded only to the person who was against him. Perhaps this scene will end on Joker’s home video because it is fun to see him find out when filming.

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