The Grudge Reboot Get A Rare F CinemaScore, Details Inside

The Grudge will hit the theater this weekend, and nobody was ready. While it may not seem very different from anything else there, the horror franchise has only earned a unique distinction: it is one of the few films to win CinemaScore’s F grade. Yeah. Yeah. It’s that bad.

CinemaScore is a company specializing in the collection of data from filmmakers. We have been surveying film viewers throughout the country since 1979 and asking them to compose the films we like. Necessarily, it’s like a film report card. To date, only 20 films have achieved the unfortunate distinction of F–the lowest possible grade.

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In general, it seems that horror films seem to be the most frequently seen by viewers in this ranking. The Grudge meets in the festival other horror films Lost Souls, Terror, Fear Dot Com, Alone in The Dark, Wolf Creek, Werewolf, The Wicker Man, Silent House, and The Devil Within.

The first film to achieve an F rating was Eye of the Beholder in 1999. Since then, the list has been completed by Dr. T and the Girls, Lucky Numbers, Solaris, I Know Who Killed Me, Disaster Movie, Killing Them Softly, etc.

The last film in F before The Grudge was the wildly controversial mother of Darren Aronofsky! The CinemaScore rating for the psychological thriller led by Jennifer Lawrence was particularly intriguing, as some film critics championed the controversial film. The Grudge, the same can not be said. Reviews who have argued that the film is not so frightening that it is amusing to have eviscerated it entirely. Still, Rotten Tomatoes have only 19 percent approval.

It should not be shocking that The Grudge was not a big hit for the public. Takashi Shimizu’s 2004 restart of his own 2002 horror film Ju-On was rebooted by Nicolas Pesce: The Grudge wasn’t something that anybody asked. January is typically not the time when the average filmmaker searches for a horror film to continue with.

Even some of the participants in the series were not pleased about the Grudge reaching theatres. This took place from the theaters over a year after the original producer The Grudge filed a lawsuit after he said a producer’s credit was rejected.

But it is one thing that people misinterpret a movie and that it is utterly hated to such a degree that it seems like nobody likes it. Given the lack of a definite answer, it is unlikely that The Grudge will bring the franchise to a new era. That is unless they are looking for the most various show in the history of cinema.

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