Dead To Me Season 2 On Netflix? Here’s When Judy And Jen Are Returning To The Screens

To recap, Dead to Me season 1 follows Jen (played by Christina Applegate) as she grieves the loss of her husband. When attending the grievance support group, she meets Judy (Linda Cardellini) and the two women quickly bond. Jen also goes so far as to invite Judy to stay in her home with her family— and then all kinds of secrets begin to come out.

The series is at once dramatic, funny, and edgy, and has met with all kinds of positive reviews from casual viewers and critics alike. Now that Dead to Me season 2 is on its way, here’s a look at all we know about the future of the Golden Globe-nominated series so far.

When Will Dead To Me Season 2 Release?

But for context, Season 1 of Dead to Me had already been revealed in April 2018 and premiered a little more than a year later, so we can probably expect Dead to Me Season 2 to debut in the Summer of 2020.

Who Be Will The Cast Of Dead To Me Season 2?

Netflix has confirmed that both Christina and Linda signed up for season 2 Dead to Me. And that makes sense: the stories of their character are – obviously – central to the show. In fact, according to a recent Instagram post from Linda, filming has already wrapped up.

What Be Will The Plot Of Dead To Me Season 2?

Season 1 concludes with what so many fans call a severe cliffhanger, and Jen is found standing over Steve’s body — known as Judy’s ex-fiancé — with the gun in hand after finding that Judy is responsible for her husband’s death.

Last May, Liz Feldman, the producer of the series, was not sure whether Netflix would give her a second season. But she already had some thoughts about the next show.

Nonetheless, in general, it sounds that we can expect to see more of Jen’s dark humor and complicated dynamic relationship that we enjoyed at Dead to Me season 1: “What I’d suggest is that it’ll be [season 2] about further exploration of this bond between these two people,” Liz later told. “The score was evened most basically. I wanted to create a scenario where they were forced to join together, and now they need each other more in some way than at the beginning of season one.”

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