Venom 2: Spider-Man Cameo? Release Date? New Cast? And Other Details

So Venom was a massive hit for Sony’s Spider-Man, considering the review, ensuring that it’s no surprise for anyone to see a sequel on the way.

Even before the first film was released, cast members spoke about a sequel, also if they clamoured right after confirmation. But a sequel was all but guaranteed, as the film was more than just Guardians of the Galaxy and Deadpool 2 at the box office.

And with the original film’s co-writer, Kelly Marcel, Sony seems to develop it back to write the screenplay and executive produce.

Will There Be A Cameo Of Spider-Man In Venom 2?

While Sony and Marvel are not split over Spider-Man anymore, we’d expect the characters to get together at some point.

Sony is supposed to be keen to integrate Spider-Man back into its established movie stable, and the status of Spider-Man and Venom as arch-nemeses into the comics makes the Venom series a clear way for the character to check-in.

There are also rumours of Geeks WorldWide that Holland may have a camel part in the second Venom movie after leaked casting information–but it’s not clear whether it ‘d be like the Peter Parker that we know and love from films like Infinity War, or whether it’s an alternate universe of Spider-Man.

When Will Venom 2 Release In Cinemas?

Although this has not yet been officially confirmed, the Venom sequel seems reasonably likely to be released on 2 October 2020.

Sony has bookmarked that slot for an “untitled sequel to Sony and Marvel.” Since the first movie came out very successfully in October, there is no reason to suspect the studio will attempt to fix something that worked already.

Who Be Will In The Cast Of Venom 2?

As Eddie Brock/Venom, Tom Hardy is already reported to be back, which is not exactly a huge shock.

Woody Harrelson, who was born in Venom as a serial murderer, Cletus Kasady, will probably return to the sequel. In the comics, Kasady eventually bonds to another symbiotic (Venom’s offspring) to become the supervisor Carnage, such a repulsive character that the enemies Spider-Man and Venom joined him in his early appearance.

What Be Will The Plot Of Venom 2?

The producer for Venom and Venom 2, Matt Tolmach, told that the sequel would concentrate on Eddie and Venom.

Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige said a crossover “seems likely to be somewhere,”. In contrast, producer Amy Pascal is a big fan of Tom Holland but did not explicitly say that Holland is in the Venom film.

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