Crisis On Infinite Earths Poster Teases Stephen Amell’s First Look As ‘Spectre’

After one month’s break, “Infinite Earth Crisis” will finally return within just one week. Before the conclusion of the mega DC TV gathering, the CW has dropped another crossover poster.

Besides bringing together the Arrowverse heroes, it’s most remarkable to give our first glance at Stephen Amell’s Oliver Queen in his new form as the Spectre. With a view to the Super Friends, the evil anti-monitor (LaMonica Garrett) is meanwhile.

What Happened In Part 3 Of The ‘Crisis On Infinite Earths’?

In part three of “Crisis”, Stephen Lobo showed up as Jim Corrigan, the usual host of the venging spirit. Although Mia Smoak, Diggle and Constantine had come to Purgatory to return the Emerald Archer to the live country, Corrigan persuaded Oliver to remain behind. This poster reveals that the Arrowverse father will come back in a new form to help the heroes disassemble the multi-versus anti-monitor in the final two installations of the series. He may also be the template for the last episodes of season 8 of Arrow.

If you recall, Part 3 ended with the situation as dangerous as it might be. With six Paragons–plus Lex–surviving in the timeless realm of the Vanishing Point, all Earths have been destroyed. Somehow these fearless crucifixes must restart reality and restore life to everyone. Yet their lives will never be the same again, as this poster says.

We know little about any Arrowverse shows after the crossover. Arrow will have two episodes left in the air, one the pilot behind for Green Arrow and the Canaries and the other the final series on Tuesday 28 January. Black Lightning and Supergirl will most likely be profoundly affected, because they may stay with the other DC TV characters on Earth-1. Nonetheless, effects will also be widely publicised in other series, with the Flash reported having post-crisis implications continuing for the rest of season 6.

Infinite Earth Crisis” airs four and five parts–across Arrow and Tomorrow’s Legends–next Thursday 14 January.

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