Netflix’s Bojack Horseman Season 6 Part 2: Scheduled Netflix Arrival And Other Major News

Everybody’s favourite sad horse is running in the sunset, but we have a two-part final season Bojack Horseman on Netflix before BoJack says goodbyes forever. Part 1 started strong, then wiggled at the end of its eight-episode run, before closing on an annoying cliffhanger, and BoJack Season 6 Part 2 will put to a close the story with the resurrection of some of the ole’s worst BoJack skeletons.

If you already saw Part 1 and you wait eagerly for the big finale, here are all we know about BoJack Season 6 Part 2.

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When Will Bojack Horseman Season 6 Part 2 Release?

BoJack’s final episodes hit Netflix on 31 January 2020.

As far as we know, in January we’re getting eight more shows. That means that in Season 6, there are 16 episodes, which are quite long for a Netflix series.

What Be Will The Plot Of Bojack Horseman Season 6 Part 2?

Part 1 ended by a couple of reporters gathering information about some of BoJack’s worst moments, including the time he kissed a daughter from his childhood friend and his old Horsin’ Around star Sarah Lynn’s death. We also presume that these revelations will have a significant role to play in Part 2 when they come to light, causing the main character of the series to face some of its worst decisions.

BoJack Season 6 Part 2 would possibly also compile different images for the remaining characters. Princess Carolyn eventually becomes a single mother, and Mr Peanutbutter admits his fiance Pickles has betrayed her. You can expect a kind of closure in the final series for both supporting characters.

Elsewhere, Diane is likely to pursue her struggle in both love and tumultuous media, and her work into WhiteWhale (the company that swallowed up her employer) will play an essential role in the final episodes of the show. We’ll probably spend some time with BoJack’s cousin Hollyhock and, after her time, BoJack seems to have had some residual trauma along with Gina Cazador and Kelsey Jannings, both of whom are worst off after crossing paths with Mr Horseman.

Who Will Be In The Cast Of Bojack Horseman Season 6 Part 2?

Aaron Paul is also supposed to come back as the best mate of BoJack Todd.

Amy Sedaris, the longtime wife of BoJack and former Princess Carolyn, will most likely come back as golden retriever Mr Peanutbutter, played by Paul F Tomkins.

There will be a number of other famous guests in the sixth season with a presence in the world of Bojack.

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