‘AJ And The Queen’ Season 1: Show Timings And Everything We Know So Far

Friday, January 10, the long-awaited AJ and Queen show will appear on Netflix. We’ve kept track of the time that the original series will stream around the world on Netflix, so please make sure you know the time of AJ and Queen Season 1.

AJ and the Queen is an upcoming RuPaul and Michael Patrick King Netflix original comedy series. For a long time, we have known that the unique set of Netflix operates with the world’s most famous drag queen. The series was produced with Warner Bros by MPK Productions, but for AJ and Queen RuPaul and Michael Patrick King wrote the story. RuPaul’s popularity has reached astronomical levels in recent years, and we suspect that subscribers have hit AJ and the Queen.

Source: What’s on Netflix

After saving $100,000 to create a club, Ruby Red’s famous drag queen is almost penniless after her boyfriend steals all the money and runs away. In an old RV, Ruby Red is trying to raise funds and hit the different clubs across America. Throughout her ship is an eleven-year-old orphan, AJ, who has no trouble in talking to her.

At What Time Will AJ And The Queen Season 1 Release?

Until the end of Spring, certain regions in the world will still receive the newest Netflix Titles an hour later than usual. All Netflix releases are Pacific Standard Time driven, which is midnight.

What Is The Plot Of AJ And The Queen Season 1?

RuPaul and Michael Patrick King created, written and produced by AJ and the Queen. It’s a teenage drama, but it sometimes feels directed towards a much younger audience. It follows a flat drag queen and a kid on a road trip through America and is a fiery concoction, shot with such a keen commitment to soft focus and flattering lighting that you would be forgiven to try wiping the screen.

RuPaul is Ruby Red, a hard-working old-time New Yorker who has saved 100,000 dollars–Drag Race audiences may find it hard to see RuPaul say “100,000 dollars” straight in the face–to give up night work and set up his drag club. But his friend David Gandy-esque, so modeling that he has to be evil, has other thoughts and makes money, leaves Ruby Red to try and scrape some of it back on a last-minute drag tour through little town the USA.

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