‘Stranger Things’ Star Reveals Season 4 Shooting To Begin Early This Year, Details Inside

Like the series itself, details of the development of new Stranger Things episodes were kept firmly under Netflix wraps.

However, Millie Bobby Brown recently triggered an immediate start to production in the next fourth season. With streaming records regularly set for each new season, the anticipation of the upcoming episodes is highest, mainly due to the fatal consequences of the last season’s final. Based on the time it takes to create a season, we generally don’t expect the new season to begin in 2020, but if it debuted early next year, we wouldn’t be surprised.

When answering a question from a fan on her Instagram account, Brown confirmed, “Soon! Surely earlier this year and very excited about it.”

What Happened Till Now On Stranger Things:

Source: Hollywood Reporter

Season Three of the show brought some of the most significant changes to the Show structure, not only with Brown’s Eleven moving away from Hawkins, Indiana but also with the supposed death of the chief hopper of David Harbour. In the months since that season, fans have speculated about some of Hopper’s fates, but don’t expect Harbor to show answers for itself.

Murphys Multiverse has recently reported that shooting for the show would begin in Lithuania before returning to Atlanta in the U.S. Some places in Lithuania allegedly reflect the Russian prison in which the American, who was revealed in the credit scene at Season 3 posts is currently being held. (Of course, you could also remember those places from the Chernobyl HBO series.)

Whether or not the American is Hopper remains to be seen. Don’t worry; there are countless hypotheses about how the blast could have survived your beloved chief dad, including the possibility that the Upside Down is currently roaming.

There is also a significant change: Eleven seem to have lost power, unable to lift her teddy off her wardrobe’s top-shelf. But we are with Mike. We are with Mike. Her psychokinetic abilities are gone.

Although that makes sense in theory, the critical evidence is the fact that a shadow can be seen on Eleven’s head in the last scene of season three.

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