Josh Hartnett Talks About Why He Rejects The Superman Role, Details Inside

Josh Hartnett was to be the next Leonardo DiCaprio or Matt Damon in 2001 at the age of 22. His return-to-back appearances in “Pearl Harbor” of Michael Bay and “Black Hawk Down” of Ridley Scott catapulted him in the A-list. He graced magazine covers, and his personal life stalled the paparazzi, and producers hunted him for blockbusters and comics.

He turned away the Superman part for Bryan Singer’s 2006 remake (which was played by Brandon Routh instead), and he was on Christopher Nolan’s short-run list to play Batman (before Christian Bale). Instead of studio films, he spent the rest of his 20’s going into the independent films — like “Wicker Park,” “Lucky Number Slevin” and “The Black Dahlia.”

Then the public radar seemed to fall off. He has surfaced here and there over the last decade, in a few short films. In the 2014 horror series “Penny Dreadful,” Hartnett co-starred Showtime for three seasons. And he took a break from success to raise his two children. Hartnett, now 41, seems to be making a steady comeback with more projects on the horizon, including the upcoming drama Guy Ritchie’s “Cash Truck.” His most recent role is in “Inherit the Viper.”

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The star spoke in an interview recently and discussed why he turned all those roles of becoming a super-hero for his audience.

Why Did Josh Harnett Reject Spider-Man And Superman Roles Offered To Him?

The actor explained that he hadn’t turned Spider-Man down. He doesn’t even know how it came.  He said that he would only have turned Superman down as a straight-up bid. But at the time of his career, he was where many people asked me to make these kinds of films. He met the directors and people who said: ‘Would you be interested?’ He talked to them about what they did and finally decided he was not, but the place for a young man was very privileged. At that time, he was thinking a little bit out of the box.

Did Josh Harnett Got Offer For The Role Of Batman?

No, Batman wasn’t an offer or an audition. It was only a discussion with Christopher Nolan, the director. There’s a lot of misinformation out there, he said.

Will We See Josh Harnett On The Screen In 2020?

He has been reading many scripts.  He enjoys reading texts because there are so few sweet and unique scripts. There are many scripts that only the edges of the scripts have changed a bit to make them feel new, but it is just packaging. When he finds a text that approaches a new-eyed story, it’s exciting for him. The more he read, the more people pop to him.

How Many Scrips Does Josh Harnett Read Regularly?

The actor commented that he reads a couple of them every week. He was glad that he had people who understand the scripts and tell him what he has missed in them.

Will We See Josh Harnett As A Director In The Upcoming Movies?

He is interested in creating and playing an exciting role in good movies. Over the years, he has also been writing and would like to have some of these scripts completed. He doesn’t know exactly how they’re going to come together. Perhaps as a producer. He made a few videos of music and thought about directing, but he doesn’t want to because he loves the story he tells his audience.

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