‘Will Smith’ Not Pleased With ‘Men In Black’ Sequel

Will Smith was a movie star at this time for a quarter-century, and in recent years, he was quite honest about inevitable missteps in his career, like how he conveyed The Matrix. Bad Boys for Life, who hit the theatres next week, opened up with its first sequence in another of its franchises.

Will Smith’s Interview

During a recent interview, he told Jimmy Fallon about his feelings. Smith wasn’t shy about precisely what he felt about doing sequences for the sake of sequels. That’s, of course, why Bad Boys for Life took so long to materialize. The star would not move and revisit this tale until the story had been necessary and up to its expectations. Yet sadly, his job with the Men in Black franchise couldn’t be said the same thing.

What we were trying to do was critical and important to me, it is not just to make old movies again,” said Smith of Bad Boys of 1995 and Bad Boys II of 2003. “You had to consider the time. And it took so long because I didn’t want to make it like a cash collection.”

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Will Smith’s Opinion On Men In Black

Will Smith admits that in the Men in Black sequel, he fumbled; however, the actor does not clearly say the sequel he is speaking of. So he might say the Men in Black 2 of 2002 II or the Men in Black of 2012. Or maybe he thinks both movies were fumbled. We don’t know how he feels that he fumbled the men in the black sequel, as he doesn’t dig into it too much.

He might have been dissatisfied with his performance, or the financial performance of the films. And perhaps he just felt they were creatively misleading. In any case, Will Smith was not completely satisfied with the way Men in Black have proceeded. The actor’s sober and honest reflection shows that he feels some ownership of the Black men and whatever shortcomings he considers to be.

Anecdotally, I believe that the opinion of Will Smith on Men in Black reflects many fans. The first Men in Black was a highly popular and successful film that became part of popular culture. Despite their merits, the sequels obviously can not and can not live up to it. And it’s not like Men in Black franchise fared any better without him for what it’s worth.

You can understand how Will Smith may be reticent about Bad Boys 3, given his experience with Men in Black. Thankfully, the actor seems quite pleased with what has happened, not fumbling around this time.

Will Smith also told Jimmy Fallon he didn’t want Bad Boys for Life to make the previous movies. He wanted this to be a new movie and a unique experience that stands alone and does not just play the hits of the past. In his mind, 25 years after the first one, they made the film and demonstrated that these characters have grown. Perhaps the men in Black sequels could not do such things in his head.

The future of men in the Black franchise is unknown, but on 17 January in theatres, you can catch Will Smith at Bad Boys for Life.

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