Here Are The Best Korean Dramas To Binge Watch On ‘Netflix’

Films, TV shows, and music from South Korea have recently become unbelievably popular worldwide. Although these songs, movies, and shows are in a language many people around the globe don’t even speak or understand, Korean pop culture still takes over the world. Fortunately, subtitles are useful, and playing music doesn’t necessarily require many people to understand the lyrics.

K-drama is one of the most popular forms of Korean pop culture that recently took root. K-dramas are Korean television shows dated from the 1960s. Musicians are often cast in them and are also known as idols, but actors and actresses are also cast in many K-dramas. Despite its name, not all K-dramas are a dramatic show, although many have some romantic or suspenseful element which attracts visitors.

Best Korean Dramas On Netflix

#1. Romance Is A Bonus Book

Source: DramaBeans

In early 2019, Romance is a bonus book released for a total of 16 episodes. This series quickly became one of the most popular TV dramas.

The series follows Cha Eun Ho, an author, and editor. Cha Eun Ho has long known Kang Dani, but both get closer and nearer during the sequence when Kang Dani undergoes some significant changes in their lives.

#2. Cinderella With The Four Knights

Source: HanCinema

Cinderella, with the Four Knights, is a Korean drama broadcast for 16 episodes in 2016. The series builds on a novel with the same name and is often compared with Boys Over Flowers by K-drama, another incredibly popular series that every K-drama fan has watched repeatedly.

The series is followed by Eun Ha Won, a college student dedicated to her education and a teacher. Unfortunately, her life changes after she loses her mother, and she doesn’t have any more money to pay for college, which causes her to move with her stepmother. She receives one day an invitation to move to a mansion with a group of rich cousins.

#3. Hello My Twenties

Source: Netflix

Hello, My Twenties is a piece of Korean drama that started to appear in 2016. Two seasons have come, which means that many episodes are there for fans to enjoy if you’re sucked into the story and love the characters in this series.

This show consists of a group of five students who are all fellow students. Although they have various interests, personalities, and lives, five of them become close friends and links with what they love and what they have experienced in their lives.

#4. Reply 1997

Source: Korean drama reviews

In 2012, Reply 1997 was published with a total of 16 episodes. This K-drama is the first of the answer series, which consists of two different schedules: one in the 1990s and one in today’s when the major characters are adults. The series focuses on fan culture and on the way fans of various K-pop groups and actors and actresses can become obsessive about the idols they love.

The series runs in two different schedules. One follows the day when Shi-Won was a teenager who, like her best friends, was obsessed with marrying her favorite member with a boy band named H.O.T. The other is followed in 2012 by Shi-Won and her friends as adults, who remember their high school days.

#5. Chocolate

Source: What’s on Netflix

Chocolate is a K-drama that started to air in November 2019. Netflix has two new episodes each week, so even though viewers will wait between episodes and can not just watch the whole series before it’s over, this show is undoubtedly still a good one to start viewing.

Chocolate follows a man named Lee Kang, who dreamed of becoming a chef but instead became a neurosurgeon. Moon Cha Young is a young woman who once met and tasted a meal that Lee Kang had prepared and had been so inspired to eat that she became a chef. The two of them meet later in their lives and close together when they cook food.

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