Bungie Has Started Raising Funds To Support The Australian firefighters

Australia needs help right now, as it is ravaged by bush fires that endanger both humans and animals. An estimated 10.3 million hectares have been eaten since September, leading to 27 people’s deaths and an estimated half a billion wild animals’ deaths. There is no indication that the fires are slowing down, as the primary hazard this weekend in Australia’s south-east region is the mega blaze in which two lights are combined into one.

Bungie Raises Funds For Australia

Destiny 2 maker Bungie has revealed that it is designing a limited-edition T-shirt to fundraise for Australia and its campaigns in the area of animal rescue and conservation.

The t-shirt is equipped with an exclusive emblem code “Star Light Star Bright,” and can be ordered in the Bungie store, and EU Bungie Store from January 16 to February 18 at 9 am PST.

Source: GamesRadar

The news was published at the Bungie Post in The Late This Week: “Bush fires have ravaged Australia,” writes senior foundation manager Christine Edwards of Bungie, “many people have lost their homes, firefighters are risking their lives every day, and estimated hundreds of millions of wild animals had been killed.”

Edwards illustrated the community’s other contributions over the past two decades, such as helping thousands of children with Bungie’s iPads for children and to assist victims of Katrina and Harvey, and to donate to earthquakes in Haiti, Japan, and Nepal, saying “you have been guardians of others in their greatest need.”

Half of the profits from the selling of t-shirts will be donated to WIRES, the largest wildlife rescue agency in Australia. The other half will be given to the NSW Rural Fire Service in New South Wales, which is mainly affected by the fires.

The t-shirt’s concept is still in progress, but Bungie says she plans to release a shirt preview next week. The fires from Australia have impacted the country tremendously, destroying thousands of homes and damaging natural traditions and national parks. It’s fantastic to see Bungie build something to support the country’s fire relief effort and give Destiny 2 players an “avenue for help.”

Are The T-Shirts Available?

The t-shirts haven’t been sold yet. They’re not even done for that matter. The concept will be published by Bungie early next week. It is available for purchase from 16 January to 18 February. The Australian relief shirt is provided with an exclusive “Star Light, Star Bright” logo for anyone who requires a special reward.

Ubisoft Australia

Ubisoft Australia has donated $30,000 to the Disaster and Recovery Relief Fund of Australia so far.

When it comes to Twitter, Ubisoft, Australia states that while players have launched a fundraising push, direct contributions to the Australian Red Cross are the best way to assist fire-affected individuals.

Crytivo–The Creators Of The Universim

Crytivo–the creators of The Universim, promised last week to contribute two months of revenue and 30 percent of Steam’s income to the reconstruction of the homes lost, firefighting, and environmental clean-up financing.

“We can be a small organization here in Crytivo, but work hard to make a big difference in the world,” said Alex Koshelkov, founder of the company.

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