The Batman’s Catwoman Star Zoë Kravitz Was Completely Feared While Meeting Michelle Pfeiffer

Zoë Kravitz was afraid to meet for the first time, Michelle Pfeiffer. Kravitz is the newest actress on the big screen to take on the Catwoman’s mask for the next DC movie The Batman is due to be released about thirty years after the hit theaters of Batman Returns, which starred Michael Keaton as Batman and Pfeiffer as Selina Kyle.

Since Keaton’s time, a handful of actors have played Bruce Wayne, and Robert Pattinson is the newest character actor. As a Catwoman last October, Kravitz was cast, but she won’t be the only character to fight with Batman. Only a few days before the announcement of Kravitz’s appearance, prisoners and actor Paul Dano will be there as the Riddler. Penguin had been rumored to be in the film for quite some time, but Colin Farrell was finally reported that director Matt Reeves played Oswald Cobblepot. There were a few actors in the past who played these roles, and Kravitz was afraid to meet her predecessor.

Source: Daily Mail

Zoë Kravitz’s Interview

Kravitz spoke about becoming a Catwoman in a recent interview on The Ellen Show. When thinking about her first time meeting with Pfeiffer Kravitz admitted: “In reality, I sat on the Globes with David Kelly, as he writes, you know, our show, and Michelle Pfeiffer and I bowed to the queen, a little nervous that I’m now in her presence.” She spoke about her costume accessories for the character and how physical her workout was. Kravitz also announced that after her interview, she was leaving for London to begin filming her scenes.

The Batman

Since Kravitz just started to the movie The Batman last night, the time before photos of Catwoman’s leak online is only a matter of time. Commissioner Gordon actor Jeffrey Wright recently revealed that The Batman had started filming, leading to several images circulating online. Although Batman’s costume remains a mystery, set photos show Pattinson’s first look as Bruce Wayne, as well as Farrell’s first look like the Penguin. It will, of course, be some time before the Warner Bros. publishes any official photos, but leaked Kravitz pictures will soon be online.

In The Dark Knight Rises, Anne Hathaway played Catwoman, but Pfeiffer’s tenure in the role is often considered one of Catwoman’s best version ever. Kravitz has proved to be an actress with many blockbusters, including Divergent, X-Men: First Class, and Mad Max: Fury Road, but her appearance in The Batman will be without a doubt one of its most significant roles. It is safe to say Kravitz probably looked for inspiration from Pfeiffer, and it makes perfect sense why she is excited to meet her for the first time.

First Look Of Catwoman In The Batman

Fans have got a small preview of the photo leaks from The Batman Colin Farrell has now proved himself to be portraying The Penguin in the film, and the character is more grounded in images from the set than in previous pictures (such as Danny DeVito’s from Batman Returns). In the meantime, Bruce Wayne of Robert Pattinson was seen with civilian clothes on his motorcycle on-set, which suggests that he can spend large pieces of the film detective work without his Bat-suit. It will be interesting to see whether Kravitz’s Catwoman in The Batman has a similar earthly style, once the first-look photos of her come online.

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