Before Aquaman 2: Arthur Curry’s Adventure Will Continue As A Series

The WarnerMedia portion of the Television Critics Association press tour was a real whirlwind of fast-hit news, on Wednesday, as Max unveiled a flurry of details regarding old and new ventures, including three-part Aquaman animated series by James Wan to land on the soon-to-be-stretched streaming platform.

Aquaman King of Atlantis

HBO Max released a news release on Aquaman King of Atlantis, a three-installment mini-series executive produced by Wan via its production company Atomic Monster, featuring the iconic characters of his 2018 Blockbuster film as well as his DC Comic Books.

The mini-series will star both Victor Courtright and Marly Halpern-Graser. However, when Arthur Curry swims in the new streaming service, there is no early warning, so keep those tridents polished while we await the arrival.

Sarah Aubrey

Sarah Aubrey, original content manager of HBO Max, shared a brief update on the forthcoming DC mastermind Greg Berlanti Green Lantern show. The platform-exclusive series “will cover several decades and focus on the history of two Green Lanterns on Earth,” she said from scene, suggesting as well the presence of disgraced Baddie Sinestro Green Lantern Corps, the father of Sinestro Corps and the Hal Jordan archenemy (even Green Lantern).

8 Years For Green Lantern

With almost eight years separating us from our last flying for Green Lantern from the meme-forgettable 2011 film by Ryan Reynolds, we look forward to another ride on one of the biggest names in DC. Little news is yet on casting or a premiere date, and so we’re happy to take advantage of the few new details HBO Max has illuminated today.

Wolves, Ridley Scotts often enigmatic transition to direct for the small screen, also received a brief update on today’s tour with HBO Max content manager Kevin Reilly announcing that Scott requested and received the first two episodes of the series for what represents a two-piece feature film. Reilly told TCA today that Scott himself “was shooting the first two episodes” in a spatial story of androids who are struggling to understand how human children in the far-flung galactic colonies are brought up.

Raised by Wolves, which was initially scheduled to appear at TNT, moved to HBO Max at the end of last year and stars Viking alum Travis Fimmel as Marcus, a former soldier with an unfortunate past.


HBO Max also revealed that the prolific Oscar and Emmy-Winner Adam McKay (Anchorman, The Big Short) is taking the lead in an anthology series called The Uninhabitable Earth. Reilly said on Wednesday that the Uninhabitable Planet will “see the impacts of climate change” compared to the three-episode series dystopian in Netflix’s Black Mirror.

Finally, Reilly commented on the potential of the media platform network that can be given attention under the WarnerMedia umbrella, as HBO Max moves into the streaming arena together with established members, including WarnerMedia, DC Universe, and the Boomerang Animation Network.

We won’t lose choices if nothing else arrives from Arthur Curry and Harley Quinn to Looney Tunes and Scooby-Doo. HBO Max has no definite premiere date.

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