Game of Thrones Star Might Cast In The Witcher Season 2

Rumors circulate that in season two of Netflix’s latest fantasy juggernaut The Witcher, Game of Thrones star Kristofer Hivju will enter Henry Cavill. The Witcher is based on Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski’s series of novels and stars Man of Steel’s Henry Cavill as Geralt from Rivia, the headline “witcher” or monsters ‘ hunter available for hires. Witchers undergo rigorous childhood training, which leads them to anomalies and supernatural powers, including improved reflexes, a powerful sense of smell, and a variety of magical spells. Geralt’s journeys across the unnamed continent see him mixed with kings, emperors, wizards, and many, many monsters. The show has become a very famous series of games, referenced in the adaptation of Netflix.

Season 2 Of The Witcher

There are little detailed information about Season 2 of The Witcher after its scheduled release in 2021, though rumors and well-informed theories have begun to whirl about its cast and content. Norwegian actor Kristofer Hivju, most known in his hit fantasy series Game of Thrones by playing the beloved character Tormund Giantsbane, is just one of those rumored casts with a real plausibility. Many notable credits from Hivju include the Fate of the Furious of 2017 and the Major Force of 2014.

Stephen Surjik

The hustle and bustle of Hivju’s involvement in the Witcher season 2, which began to whirl when Director Stephen Surjik–who was in Scotland squads for the next season–posted a photo on Instagram with the hashtag “#kristoferhivju” as Cavill and Anya Chalotra tagged both, who played sorceress Yennefer. Since then, however, it was discovered that Hivju had pursued three separate Witcher accounts, and his agent is associated with the casting team of The Witcher. There is nothing conclusive, but Redanian Intelligence, the Witcher fan site that fuelled the Hivju story, states that in the opening episode of this series, Emma Appleton might foresee the change as Renfri on a smaller scale.

A Gain Of Truth

As to who Hivju may play in season 2, the Norwegian may seem like Nivellen; a man cursed to look like a bear Geralt meets in “A Grain of Truth,” one of the short stories that contain The Last Wish, the first book of Witcher Saga. It has been previously reported that “A grain of truth” would appear in the second season of the show, continuing the absence of a chronological order that led to the release of Netflix in Season 1 for the guidance of confusing audiences. Hivju blends in with the physics of Nivellen and would give further attention to a cast of relative unknowns, except Cavill and Lars Mikkelsen, who play Stregobor, a villain wizard. If he were even cast, Hivju would be following the crossing between the two fantasy shows by Jodhi May, and Francis Magee.

Including a familiar face such as Hivju to one episode will make it more attractive to Netflix-to the point that the books have seen an increase in sales, and no one can get their song out of their mind. Many see The Witcher as Netflix’s response to Game of Thrones, so why not employ talent that has brave Westeros’s world.

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