Stranger Things Season 1 Might Have A Hint That Hopper Survived, Here’s What You Should Know

Season 1 of Stranger Things could hold a big hint of Jim Hopper’s fate. David Harbour’s favourite fan character probably died following his brave sacrifice in season 3. It turned out that the Netflix series looked like Hopper reached his death, but many fans were not persuaded–and they might be right. Character fans may still have hope since a song from the beginning of the Stranger Things season could show that Hopper survived.

Stranger Things Season 3

In the final of season 3 of Stranger Things, Hopper, Joyce and Murray embarked on another quest to save the children and other Hawkins. Hopper and Joyce have been asked to retrieve the special keys so that they can shut off the mechanism that opened the door effectively. The pair successfully entered the control room at Starcourt Mall Center, but the Russian henchman Grigori arrived before they could turn the keys. Hopper and Grigori squared out of the control room, and the former got the upper hand. Nevertheless, the machinery that opened the gate failed and blocked Hopper’s exit. Joyce could not do other than turn the keys, shut down the machine, and break up anyone near the unit, including Hopper.

Hopper’s Death

To Joyce, Eleven and the others, Hopper’s death was a huge blow. Because El entered Hawkins at around the same time that the Upside Down universe became a reality, the Hawkins chief of police had become a key ally. His relentless courage was on show every season, and it was no surprise that he would put his life on the line to allow Joyce to shut his door–even if it didn’t make it alive. Critics of Stranger Things found it difficult to accept that Hopper was dead. There is plenty of proof and hypotheses to say that Hopper has made it live from the Russian base and there is now a confirmation from Stage 1 that could confirm this notion. Peter Gabriel’s song “Heroes” could be one of the best clues to the survival of the character.


Stranger Things fans might recall the “Heroes” of Gabriel in the first season, entitled “Chapter 3: Holly, Jolly” when Mike, Dustin and Lucas saw Will’s body being discovered in the quarry by a search party. Will was thought to be dead at the time, but when the season played out, the audience discovered that he was alive, but stood in the upside-down. The connection with this moment and the end of season 3 were pointed out by a fan (via Reddit) when the same song was played in the form of a letter following Hopper’s speech from the heart to heart. This can’t be a coincidence to play the song over a serious moment while a major character is presumed dead. The song may mean that Hopper is alive but can’t get back to his loved ones just like Will in season 1.

Will Hopper Come Back?

There is plenty of other evidence that Hopper will make his glorious comeback in season 4 of Stranger Things. One of the most significant indicators that Hopper is alive is the mystery behind the American held in the Russian base in Kamchatka. Another exciting tidbit is Murray’s answering computer response to Joyce. Harbor himself threatened Hopper’s fate on his social media accounts. While the release date for season 4 of Stranger Things was not confirmed, the truth about Hopper would eventually come out.

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