‘The Magicians’ Season 5: This Is What Happens To Eliot’s Life After Quentin

The actor Hale Appleman has had the chance and the opportunity over the past five years to play one of the most complex characters on the popular Syfy show The Magicians. And something is said for The Magicians, a show full of complicated people. Eliot Waugh’s life was full of intense ups and downs. Eliot is at once one of the most charismatic and one of the saddest people in the room. He was a strident heroic strength of goodness and a vessel for a literal monster. Initiated as the “life of the party,” Appleman has instilled complicated layers into Eliot’s performance since Day One. In Season 5, the character reached a real breaking point in terms of both his emotional and personal maturity.

Murder Of Quentin Coldwater

The Magicians murdered their protagonist, Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph), in self-sacrifice at the end of season 4. For so many devastating reasons, he lost both his best friend and great love for Eliot. The writers behind the Syfy series have built on the books in the last few seasons and specifically developed a romantic link between Eliot and Quentin. In the 3rd episode of Season “A Life in the Day,” Eliot and Quentin spent their whole lives magically together as friends. Remnants of their time remain together. But what concerns Eliot most is his immediate post-harm rejection, knowing that the solution will no longer be on the table in the future.

A second chance never came, as we said goodbye to Quentin, and in the 5th year, Eliot finds himself tortured by grief. I recently had the opportunity to talk to Appleman on the phone about his show work, and today I’m happy to present the free chat.


But Appleman spoke during this part of chat about the departure of Ralph from the show and what Quentin’s absence meant for the rest of the cast in Stage Five and how the death of Quentin presented Eliot with a major, but not a simple, opportunity for personal growth. Appleman spoke to Summer Bishil about his complexities and their excitement of working together as Season 5 reunites Eliot and Margo. The actor has brilliantly gone through Eliot’s journey so far, and he has been given the freedom as an artist to personalize himself.

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Eliot’s Journey

Eliot is one of my favorite characters on TV, and I think that for years, Appleman has done well and was a complete pleasure to hear how insightful and reflective Appleman is when it comes to his character and when he hopes that Eliot ends.

As per Appleman, Everyone knew there was a chance when they saw the final script last year, but they officially did not know until later in the season. And as per his guess in many ways, it’s bittersweet. On one end, they are losing a great actor who they love, and a person who has so much profoundness and love for his character and at the same time, the death of Quentin allowed the group to meet in many surprising ways during this period, and also for him as an actor to explore some of the more deep threads of the psychology of Eliot that don’t always look at the series.

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