When Will Money Heist Part 4 Release? Here’s Everything That Every Fan Should Know

It’s official: La Casa de Papel’s Season 4 (Money Heist) will be back in April 2020.

After the news was announced in the Brazilian Comic-Con, a dramatic new teaser trailer was released that urged Spanish audiences “to brace for the turmoil.” The teaser features cast members in their red jumpsuits and the masks of Salvador Dali, including Berlín (Pedro Alonso), who sacrificed himself at the end of the second season. At the very end, Nairobi (Alba Flores), filmed at the end of season 3, was shown on the trailer. Does that mean that in Season 4, she is still alive?

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Season 3 of La Casa de Papel recorded the best worldwide first-week result, according to the reports, for a Netflix non-English series. It is also the most popular Netflix series or film ever in any language, including English, in countries like France, Italy, Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Portugal, and many others.

La Casa de Papel was the third most-watched original TV show of the streaming service, right behind Stranger Things and Umbrella Academy, according to Netflix.

Release Date Of Money Heist Season 4

On April 3, 2020, Season 4 is arriving.

The fourth season follows a similar trend for the past seasons: After the first season on 9 May 2017, season two followed quickly on 16 October 2017. Season 3 dropped off on July 19, 2019, and less than a year before we have new episodes (at least we say that as long as we’re eagerly waiting for more).

How Did Money Heist Season 3 End?

If you haven’t yet finished the third season, Spoilers are ahead. You must note, though, that the viewer must see Professor and Lisbon working as a team to direct robbers through robbing the Bank of Spain. The goal? Not only do you get into the vault and melt the gold stored there, but you also enter a hidden section in the trunk which stores all the secrets of the Spanish government.

As soon as Denver left the bank with the red boxes, the negotiations knew that they should respond safely to the demands of the robbers. The teacher had what he wanted, but it was expensive. After Alicia lured her into a window to see her son, Nairobi was shot in the chest for the first time since he was taken away from her years ago.

And the last blow? The professor ruled his one law that Rio and Tokyo would not kill anyone by throwing a racket-driven grenade at an army tanker that was about to reach the bank. The Professor said that Lisbon was executed as a trap by the police, and it worked. Unfortunately, she was taken into the custody of the police, so it’s safe to assume she could face Rio’s same abuse. The final word that audiences hear is, “And, this is war,” which makes it very clear that much remains to be discussed next season.

What Will Happen In Money Heist Season 4?

Obviously, for The Professor, Lisbon, and the thieves, things have taken an unexpected turn. When everything seems to go wrong, the professor always has a backup plan, yet he’s the one who officially lost it this time around and all because he broke his other top rule: no personal relationships. He revealed to her before Lisbon was captured that she was the first and only girl in love with whom he has ever been.

In the fourth season, the audience will potentially see how far he is prepared to save Lisbon. The lives of the robberies have been stunned after Nairobi was struck, Rio broke up with Tokyo, and a police tank with cops inside them had to be shot down.

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