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Fast And Economical Internet: A dream come true!


Fast and economical internet is every human’s dream these days. Well, okay I may be lying a little here because some of us also dream of other things, like maybe a FREE High-Speed internet!

Let’s take a look at Spectrum’s fast and economical internet so at least some of us may have their dream fulfilled.


Instead of offering various different plans, Spectrum by Charter offers one standard internet plan with speeds that go up to 200 Mbps and prices starting from $49.99/month. The speed threshold may decrease or increase according to a customer’s location but the price will always stay the same. In some areas, customers also have the option to upgrade speeds of their plans for an additional monthly fee.

Although Spectrum internet prices are generally quite reasonable, you should be aware of their standard rate disclaimer. A lot of providers advertise a promotional price but would notify you within the legal disclaimer that standard rates will apply after a given time period.

Likewise, Spectrum’s standard rates generally apply after the one or two years’ promotional period. Fortunately, since there’s no contract you can choose to cancel your service after the promotional period if the standard rates seem to be out of your budget.


Currently, Spectrum includes the modem in the internet plan. You can surely choose to use your own modem if you want but it won’t be a problem if you don’t have one. If you choose to use the company equipment, then you also have the option to opt for the Spectrum compatible Wi-Fi router for an additional fee of $5/month. You might be a little confused about the modem and router, so let me explain.

The Wi-Fi signals that let us connect all our devices to the internet wirelessly are transmitted through a router which is actually attached to a modem, which is basically connecting your home to the local cable network. So technically the modem converts your cable internet signals into computer compatible signals and transfers them to the Wi-Fi router, which in turn converts that wired signal into a wireless signal, letting you connect your devices to the internet all over the house.

However, just like the modem, you can choose to use your own router and never pay any monthly rental. But bear in mind that if you decide to use your own equipment Spectrum will not provide technical support for any kind of equipment issues.

If you’re unsure whether to use your equipment or rent the company equipment, then go ahead and do a little research about the pros and cons of both.


This obviously won’t apply to you if you’re planning to buy your own internet equipment, but if you choose to rent the company equipment then you’ll be offered two installation options. For the people who know their way around electronics and have an idea about installing a modem and router, Spectrum offers ‘Self-Installation’ option. This will cost you $9.99, which is a one-time charge, and you can either have the equipment shipped directly to your house or pick it up from your nearest local store. The ‘Professional-Installation, on the other hand, is for $49.99 (also a one-time charge) and is handled by Spectrum’s installation technicians. They will come to your house at the time and date of your choice to install your equipment and make sure your service is working perfectly before they leave.

Other Charges

There would also be a $9.99 activation fee payable once upon sign up. Please keep in mind that all the prices Spectrum or any other provider advertises are exclusive of taxes, fees and surcharges unless clearly mentioned that they are included in the price. So there would be a small amount added to your monthly bill according to your state’s tax rate.

Even though Spectrum does not have a diverse range of internet plans like some other providers in the market, they do provide fast cable internet that caters to all your entertainment needs and lets you access your connection on all your devices. Come to think of it, it’s really worth your money.

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